19~ 21 April 2022

12:00 pm - 7:00 pm (China Time) | 10:00 am - 5:00 pm (Bangladesh Time)


CONSTRUCTION MACHINERY AND EQUIPMENT: Equipment for the production of building materials, Construction equipment, Municipal vehicles, Crane and trailers, Rental and leasing of construction machinery, Construction machinery, Handling Equipment, Elevators, Loaders, Trucks, System Formwork, Building tools, Welding equipment, power tools, petrol tools, Pneumatic and hydraulic tools, hand tools, Sanitary, Construction and finishing tools, cutting, measuring, drilling, metalworking tools, Scaffolding, nets, Towers, platforms, stairs, ladders, Equipment for building sites, Earth-moving, drilling, piling equipment, Materials and technologies for construction and reconstruction of roads, bridges, tunnels, trestles, etc.

CONSTRUCTION MATERIALS: Pre-fabricated structures, hangars, pavilions, Facade materials, Translucent constructions, Building structures, building envelope, Roofing materials, Attic , Drainage System, Thermal insulation, insulation, Mastics, sealants, gaskets, Waterproofing, Bases and foundations, Wall Materials, Fire-resistant materials, finishing materials, facing materials, Finishing work, Wallpaper, tiles, paints and varnishes, Ceramic, stone, brick, concrete, cement, mortar, concrete products, Construction Chemicals, Building chemistry, Fireplaces, Shower rooms, spa, solarium, glass, mirrors, bronze, art forging, Floors, floor coverings, parquet, Grills, etc.

CONSTRUCTION: Urban Development, Architecture and Design, Modern technologies of construction, reconstruction and restoration, Modern design of buildings, structures and roads; Automation in construction, Modern resource-saving technologies and materials in construction, Energy and Energy Efficiency, "Intelligent" building, Engineering services, Branch Periodicals, etc.

COUNTRY HOUSING LANDSCAPING: Wooden House, Log buildings, Cottages of logs, vacation houses from glued profiled beam, Wooden frame houses, Flush Garden houses, Landscape and Design, Architectural solutions for homes, cottages, garden houses, Construction of houses "turnkey", Metal Art and casting, etc.

ELECTRICITY AND ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING IN CONSTRUCTION: Electricity - design and construction, Distribution System, Transformer stations, isolators, High-and low-voltage equipment, Technical means of energy conservation, energy control devices, Instrumentation and automation, instrumentation control and accounting , Energy saving equipment, Systems and equipment supply, Ventilation, air conditioning, Filters, water treatment systems and water treatment, Measuring instruments, meters, Insulation products, Energy-saving technologies , Alternative energy sources, renewable and alternative.

PROFESSIONAL LIGHTING : Commercial lighting, Household lighting, Road lighting, Industrial Lighting, the landscape lighting, decorative lighting, smart lighting

LIGHTING CONTROL AND INTELLIGENT SYSTEMS: Commercial lighting, Household lighting, Road lighting, Industrial Lighting, the landscape lighting, decorative lighting, smart lighting Switches, Control Systems

LIGHTING APPLICATION PROJECT: Lighting Engineering, Lighting Design, Energy Management

LED TECHNOLOGY & SYSTEM ACCESSORIES: Chip Manufacturing Technology and Equipment, Driving Component, Packaging Technology and Equipment, Light fittings & electrical accessories, Lighting Measuring and Testing Equipment, LED display and lighting

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